Our Team


A company is only as strong as their products, customer service, and contract fulfillment. A processor’s ability to follow through is only as strong as it’s team of employees. Our competitors seem to emphasize the founders and owners. Visit them, and you will notice the large plaques and pictures decorating the walls only reinforce the family patriarchal history as their pride and their focus. Rarely are the employees celebrated with photos and accolades. Yet, last time we checked, the founding members and owners did not actually DO most of the processing! They were not at actual pack room conveyors and picking tables 8-10 hours a day ensuring the final product in the box was above specification and exceeded customer needs and expectations. This is only one of many things that helps set Wholesome Nut Company apart from others. Our employee team is highly valued at Wholesome Nut Company.  With our team, we create an atmosphere of quality-focus and excellence. We work hard to maintain a culture to compete at a high level within our industry. Our amazing employees make that possible! The walls of our plant office tell that story.