Our Process


At Wholesome Nut Company, we couple innovative technology with experience, success, and commitment, to ensure the finest extra-light color quality walnut, keep costs lean, and guarantee food safety.

Our Product

Because our growers come from California’s best growing region producing Chandler walnuts of lightest color, and our customers couldn’t be happier! At Wholesome Nut Company, we start with the best product and follow it with the best processing practices for shelled, inshell, or roasted walnuts.

Our Process

Wholesome Nut Company uses innovative technology and detailed processing practices to enhance our already superior quality product, control costs, and guarantee food safety and customer satisfaction. We are designed for efficiency, precision and speed. We have the best shelling line in the industry. Coupled with our custom laser sorting equipment, climate-controlled grading rooms, and our unwavering food safety practices, we provide a premium extra-light color, quality product. Our inshell production is equally superior as we dedicate ourselves to run it with the latest electronic sizing technology and careful attention to detail, which yield the finest quality walnut in the entire industry.

Our People

Our team is extraordinary at Wholesome Nut Company. Each employee has been hand-picked, as each highly-trained staff member becomes a valuable part of our integral team. Our finest-quality product can be largely credited to our amazing team, each of whom is specifically trained to perform their jobs optimally. Our team’s objective is to ensure satisfaction of our premium light walnuts through cutting-edge processing, rigorous food-safety practices, and unmatched customer service.