About Us


Wholesome Nut Company calls the sunny, fertile California central valley home. With nearly all of our orchards in the lush geographical spot that is the infamous central valley, our products are robust, premium and wholesome. The choice growing region we inhabit is blessed with ample sunshine, the nearby Delta breeze, and plentiful cool nights. Our commitment from field, to processing, in-house sales, shipping, exporting, and delivery, is clear. Choice, wholesome, California nuts and our advanced technology to maintain strict quality control that matches the booming yields of our region. The results are clear! We happily export choice, wholesome California nuts to happy customers worldwide.


  • Whole almonds¬†(all pack styles, varieties, and specifications)
  • Blanched/blanched-manufactured¬†almonds
  • Natural/natural-manufactured
  • Sliced, diced, slivered almonds(natural & blanched)


  • Brown skin walnuts (all pack styles, varieties, and specifications)
  • In-shell walnuts (most of the varieties grown in California)
  • Dry roasted walnuts
  • Blanched/blanched-manufactured walnuts
  • Natural/natural-manufactured
  • Sliced, diced, slivered walnuts (natural, blanched, & dry roasted)