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We are here to serve you.

Wholesome Nut Company is dedicated in meeting our customer’s needs. Our philosophy is to listen to our customers. We do that! We appreciate your questions, your feedback, your individual needs as customers. So when it comes to customer service, you could say we are here to serve you, plain and simple.

At Wholesome Nut Company, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers have timely and accurate pricing, real-time market information, excellent customer service, and superior product processing and delivery. With our experiences through the years working with our growers and other processors, we have heard what matters most. Our growers and buyers love the reassurance that comes with entering into contracts and relationships with Wholesome Nut Company as much as we love doing business for them. It’s a common goal, for each transaction to be transparent, honest, and accurately priced. We are processing and selling amazing products that deserve to be in an amazing marketplace, sold for amazing growers. Wholesome Nut Company believes in making our company simply amazing. This is why Wholesome Nut Company has happy customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Please contact us if we can help you with:

-Almond and/or Walnut processing

-inshell, sheller run, sizing, USDA grade, or sizing




-year round shipping & receiving



-or any nut questions at all!

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