Our Story


Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. Fairness. Communication. Good Will. Commitment. Strong Customer Service. Follow-Through. Friendship.

Wholesome Nut Company was born out of experience and vision. With more than a decade of experience at senior levels in agriculture and processing, we have been blessed with the opportunity to really get to know our customers. Not only do we deeply appreciate the relationships and opportunity to serve growers, buyers, and even other processors, but we consider the chance to share information and do business together a privilege. Aside from good quality and amazing customer service, the things that all of our customers value and desire are simple: Honesty, integrity, transparency, fairness, communication, good will, commitment, strong customer service, follow through, and friendship.

Not only do we want our company’s reputation to be about honesty, hard-work, and transparency, but we want success for both sides of every business transaction. It’s a philosophy that is simple. Good business with good people. I’m happy when you’re happy. At Wholesome Nut Company, our work, our employees, and our word matters. We stand behind you, stand for you, stand with you. Honesty, integrity, transparency, communication, goodwill, commitment, strong customer service, follow-through, and friendship are things we truly value and believe in. This is why we have happy growers and customers worldwide. I invite you to check out our website to see specifically how we can do business together.