JQ/K-SPEC Walnuts


We at Wholesome Nut Company are busy doing our very best to implement superior quality assurance standards for every step of our walnut processing. We are dedicated to constantly improving our efficiency and quality assurance.

We meet or exceed the rigorous requirements of industry-recognized global food safety standards. For example, we routinely ship to Japan and Korea, where Japan’s JQ and Korea’s K-SPEC quality requirements are some of the highest and most stringent in the world. These strict requirements result in a superior quality walnut product where all of our nuts exceed normal standards.

Due to our selective process of working with only the best growers, and our commitment to excellence in processing, our products are of the highest quality in the industry. Additionally, virtually EVERY kernel load we process post-shelling, is JQ and K-SPEC compliant because of our innovative and industry-leading shelling line. This means that our buyers benefit by getting some of the highest quality and best nuts in the world.

  • Wholesome Nut Company implements all leading Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) in regard to facility and equipment maintenance, cleaning and sanitation, fumigation and chemical management practices, and product storage, packing, and transport.
  • We stay current with all standards, regulations, initiatives, and advisory opinions of the California Walnut Board, Dried Fruit Association (DFA) of California, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
  • We also stay current with all current FSMA decisions and rules.
  • Our processing plants are inspected and audited for compliance under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.
  • Our processes are in line with HACCP-certified standards.
  • Our products are Kosher Certified.
  • We also ensure that our nuts are current to international standards such as JQ and K-SPEC.
  • We employ on-site objective, third-party grade analysis from DFA of California.

The result is that each and every in-shell load that we process is well above state, federal, and international industry standards, and is comprised of highly sought after extra-light and light Chandler walnuts with above-industry average edible yields. Each kernel meets JQ and K-SPEC standards, exceeding the quality of product sold by most of our competitors.

The evidence is clearly visible. Our nuts have much less scuffing, more halves, less FM/shell, less adhering hulls, and they are a lighter color than most of our competitors. Our nuts are never rancid or shriveled, decayed, or moldy – we guarantee it.

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